Welcome to Method Writer!

In the Fall of 2017 join host Rod R. Garcia and the authors of EpiphanyMill Publishing, as they dive into the creative process like none-other before!

Some call it Extreme-Writing, but Rod just calls it research!

As an author, Rod feels that it is his sacred duty to be as accurate in his writing as is humanly possible, and it is this firm belief that ultimately led him to his latest endeavor… “Walking in the shoes of his characters…” He will join his fellow authors as they learn what their characters know, and do what their characters do, in order to truly understand (and therefore accurately write about) what the characters must accomplish in their books… Martial Arts, Sword-fighting, Skydiving, Scuba-diving, you name it, if there’s a specialized skill involved, then Rod and his motley little crew of wordslingers plan to put it to the test, and share the adventure with you!

So join Rod R. Garcia and his motley little crew as they depart on all-new and exciting research-missions on the internet reality-series for the adventurer in all of us, and ‘Experience Life, First-Person!!

Welcome to The Adventure!